the ukulele & Other Machines
ALL ABILITIES WELCOME! We   have   our   FREE   ukulele   jams   in   the   upstairs   bar   at   the   Green   Dragon, High   Street,   Croydon,   usually   on   the   1st   and   3rd   Sundays   of   each   month. See   Contacts    page   for   Green   Dragon   details   and   to   send   us   an   email   if   you want to know more. The   sessions   are   very   informal,   we   choose   songs   from   our   songbook   and everyone   just   plays   what   they   can.   We   range   from   complete   novices   to reasonably   good   players.   We   guarantee   everyone   will   be   able   to   play   along to something within a few minutes! Just   turn   up   on   the   night.   We   do   take   the   occasional   break   at   Christmas and   in   summer   so   please   contact   us   first   at   those   times   of   year   to   check dates! We   publish   all   our   event   dates   on   our   facebook   group   "the   ukulele   &   Other Machines" so please do join that group to get regular event updates: Contact us if you want to find out more about the songs we play.
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